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WINTER? Northern England? Snow? Well, who’d have thunk it?

Surprisingly few people, it seems, given the shock and awe with which the white stuff seems to be greeted each year.

And in January 2013, as in February 2012 and December 2010, there’s the usual suspects demanding more be done (ie spent) on preparing for these two or three days of minor disruption which happen every 12 months or so.

No. Such overreaction is completely unnecessary.

Let’s instead put things in perspective, understand this isn’t Stockholm or St Petersburg, accept there’s far more important things the country should spend its money on (if money it had), and get on with making do.

Because it seems, frankly, those who moan and groan about a little bit of snow need less council salt and a bit more personal grit.


AMAZING, though, how early youngsters seemed to be out and about making the most of it, wasn’t it?

Strange, one parent notes, how much easier getting them out of bed becomes the moment school is cancelled.


HOW scummy would you have to be to break into a family home and steal presents wrapped up for a six-year-old’s birthday?

That’s what happened to little Sam Mellor of Shiregreen, as reported in The Star.

Computer games bought by dad Gary were swiped during a heartless burglary at their house.

But just when you’re despairing at the state of the world, how utterly uplifting to hear hundreds of people who found out about the burglary on Facebook came forward to replace the games and offer their help.

“It restores your faith in human nature,” noted Gary.

Doesn’t it just?


SO, that’s Blue Monday over with then.

Yesterday was apparently the year’s most depressing date. It’s the one when we’re most likely to be down because of lack of money, lack of sun and lack of anything to look forward to.

So, here’s the good news: it’s now officially 364 days until we’ll feel that bad again, say psychologists. Remember that when you’re getting up in the freezing perma-dark tomorrow.