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SHE’S right, isn’t she, Sarah Howe, in today’s second Diary piece?

All families really do have their own strange Christmas routines and rituals.

This writer was 22 before he realised not all mums served Christmas dinner with mushy peas. Just mine.

Odd, indeed. And, yet, delicious.

Because isn’t that what makes the festive period special?

Those strange traditions that have formed with barely any rhyme or reason.

So, a Take Two question: that’s my tradition, what’s yours?

The most bizarre gets a tin of mushy peas. Possibly.


MIKE Lawton has been in touch.

Who’s he? The music-lover who appeared on this page earlier this year when he booked tickets to see his favourite band for the 50th – the fiftieth! – time.

Who’s the band? The Stones? The Human League? Er, The Saw Doctors.

We may mock but he enjoyed the gig this weekend. In fact, he enjoyed two of them.

The 65-year-old of Halifax Road, Grenoside, couldn’t wait for the Sheffield Plug concert on Sunday so he also went along to see the band at Leeds O2 Academy two days before.

“Which made the Sheffield concert number 51,” he said. “It was a brilliant night.”

And of that semi-obsession? “Football supporters go to watch their teams every two weeks, and often don’t enjoy what they see,” he notes.

“Especially if you are a Sheffield Wednesday supporter at the moment.

“I was just going to see a band that I love seeing, and so it proved.”


GREAT to see Sheffield trending on social networking site Twitter this week.

Residents took to saying what they liked about the city under the hashtag #IfYouKnowSheffield.

Among this column’s favourite answers were Lauren Stone who declared “IfYouKnowSheffield you have Henderson’s on everything”; Josh Booth who noted “IfYouKnowSheffield you’ll know ‘orayt’ could be a greeting, feeling or question”; and Jane Ide ‏who suggested “IfYouKnowSheffield you’ll know a man can call another man ‘love’ without being punched”.