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INTERESTING to note that Sheffield City Council’s deputy leader Harry Harpham has gone on record to brand last month’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections “a shambles”.

He has a point.

Less than 15 per cent of people bothered voting, making it, relatively speaking, the most expensive election in UK history. And still no-one’s entirely sure what exactly the new role, you know, is actually for.

But Councillor Harpham calling an election a shambles? Hypocritical, no?

For isn’t this the fellow who, as the council’s head of housing, presided over a vote on the future of council homes which has now been utterly discredited after it was revealed more than 40,000 tenants were misled during the process?

And isn’t he part of an administration now refusing to launch an inquiry into why the council withheld information from those tenants during that vote?

And doesn’t, ultimately, that mean Councillor Harpham branding any election a shambles is a little like the pot calling the kettle black?

Just a thought.


ON a similar note....

Sheffield City Councillor Leigh Bramall has blasted new government legislation which will allow more street peddlers on our town centres.

“The last thing rent-paying retailers and shoppers need is our main shopping streets being swamped with such traders,” he told this paper.

Absolutely right.

But perhaps, as cabinet member for business, Councillor Bramall could also work on the problem of the dozens of chuggers which already swamp our shopping streets each day?


AND finally, a week on, a belated Take Two congratulations to 92-year-old Margaret Dufty and her new toyboy husband John Hind, 85.

This is the Pitsmoor couple, who got married after meeting through Blind Veterans UK charity.

They arrived at church, as this paper reported, in his and hers wheelchairs, and insisted there was no disco or flashing lights at the reception.

All in all, a more lovely tale you’ll not read if you live to be the pair’s combined age of 177. And proof you’re never too mature to fall in love.