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SO, a full month and a day since the clocks went back now, isn’t it about time someone put Castle House’s digital timepiece right?


BIG anniversary tomorrow: 25 years since Sheffield won its bid to host the World Student Games

Views on the event’s legacy may be debated today but there was certainly no lack of enthusiasm when the triumph was announced on November 30, 1987.

Councillors, sport stars and city folks lined up to welcome the news, yet one can’t help feel this paper perhaps over-egged things slightly.

“It will be the biggest sporting event in this country since the 1948 Olympic Games,” our report ran. “Surpassing even the 1966 World Cup.”

Steady on there.


SOME reader backlash, then, after this column supported Sheffield University’s bid to demolish the Edwardian wing of the Jessop Hospital.

Robin Hughes emails in to say we’ve succumbed to the developer’s propaganda.

“The university has unfortunately been successful in creating a false contest between progress and heritage.” he writes. “I also support its aspirations, but it doesn’t need to destroy one of our small stock of historic buildings to achieve them. You’re wrong to think of past and future being in opposition. History is made up of both but while we can always build more future, the past is an increasingly scarce resource.”


AND regular Diary correspondent Ron Clayton also gets in touch on the same issue.

“If the building is ‘virtually unusable for modern education’ as you say, how come its similar predecessor is carrying out that precise function?” he asks. “There is far more to the case than mere ‘huge emotional attachment’.”


THE Alternative Nite Out sounds like a great idea.

This is the series of dry evenings planned by Barnsley group Action Space Mobile to prove you can have a good time this Christmas without drinking.

Quite right too. But one question: if organisers are so sober, shouldn’t they be able to spell ‘night’ right?