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CONGRATULATIONS to Shaun Wright, who became South Yorkshire’s new police and crime commissioner on Friday.

With only seven per cent of the county’s population voting for him, it’s hardly the ringing endorsement the Labour candidate would have wanted. But it’s a mandate nonetheless.

Just one thing, though: he told The Star the dismal turnout was due to a lack of central government funding.

No. Some £75 million was spent on the poll making it, comparatively, speaking, the most expensive election in British history.

If Mr Wright thinks more should have been splashed out, isn’t it slightly worrying that he’s now in charge of our £250 million (and shrinking) police budget?


AT least he won’t have to deal with solving the ridiculous issue raised when it emerged the force wanted to charge for patrolling at public events.

South Yorkshire Police has backed down after initially saying it would levy a price for officers attending Sheffield’s Christmas lights switch-on and last month’s Fright Night. Good. It should never have been raised as a possibility in the first place.

Still, with that resolved, few could deny Sunday’s switch-on was a fab event.

Not even having to listen to Matt Cardle could detract from how spectacular those lights look.


GREAT news today about the Tudor Players calendar being so popular with punters.

It rather reminds this column, though, of a less successful naked year chart which previously appeared on this page.

In 2010, pensioners at Brunswick Gardens shot a similar calendar while wearing nothing but smiles. They had 2,000 made. By the time January 1 rolled around, they’d sold just 250.


AND finally, talking of calendars, it seems plenty of readers have been buying The Star’s Retro 2013 wall chart since it featured on this page last week.


Although Star shop bosses now says there’s a donut for this column if we mention there’s also a modern full-colour calendar available too.

Done. And yum.