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A TAKE Two good luck to kick things off today for a team hoping for victory on the football field.

Regular readers may remember Sheffield Stags.

They’re the city lads who went on a Spanish stag-do five years ago, made friends with a few locals, had a hung-over kick-about, and have been playing them in regular matches ever since.

The Anglo-Galician Cup is now a biannual game – sometimes held here, sometimes over there – between our lot and theirs.

It’s taken on wider cultural connotations, too, with the Lord Mayor presenting the trophy to the winners at the last game in Sheffield and a tour of the Town Hall being arranged.

Now, the Stags are going over to Pontevedra this weekend for an away leg. Do Sheffield proud, fellas.


THEY’LL also be watching another match while they’re there.

“It’s a slightly less important and entertaining game than ours,” says Stags captain Davis Thompson. “El Clasico.”


SO did you notice the subliminal message in Labour leader Ed Miliband’s conference speech on Tuesday?

The Doncaster North MP used the phrase ‘one nation’ 46 times. It’s an anagram, a Radio 4 listener notes, of ‘no Etonian’.


TRANSPORT bosses say cycles won’t be allowed on new tram trains between Rotherham and Sheffield.

Shouldn’t someone tell them to get on their bike?


ALTHOUGH, sometimes you can’t help but feel sorry for transport bosses. And this column never thought it would feature that line.

But, at the moment, it seems not a day passes without some bus-related protest being reported in this paper.

Some want more buses. Some less. Some want routes down their roads. Some don’t. Some want earlier starts. Some later.

Frankly, there appears to be only one given: whatever chiefs propose, someone somewhere will be unhappy.