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Roger Bingham
Roger Bingham
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INCIDENTALLY, following on from today’s main piece, you’ll soon be seeing Roger Bingham on your TV screens.

The professional actor has just played Santa Claus for this year’s Littlewoods Christmas adverts.

Nick Clegg pants

Nick Clegg pants

He appears with Myleene Klass in the campaign, which was shot in London.

“I’m about the right shape to play Father Christmas these days,” he notes. “And my beard was the right colour when I grew it.”


NICE to see former Diary star and policeman-turned-comedian Alfie Moore making light of the Andrew Mitchell scandal.

‘Pleb, Surf, Lowlife, Waster, Dregs, Nonperson,’ tweets the Hillsborough-born bobby. ‘Coalition announces new rank structure for police.’

PLENTY of Sheffield students have long suspected it but it seems Nick Clegg really is pants.


The Hallam MP, Deputy Prime Minister and now reluctant pop star is featured on a pair of undercrackers expected to, um, not really be a big seller this Christmas.

The garments are available on alternative website Twisted Twee.

But designer Suzi Warren told a national paper the so-called Clegg-fronts aren’t as popular as the Boris Johnson or Margaret Thatcher versions.

“Nobody wants Clegg,” she noted. “Apart from a few doting parents who buy the baby pant combo with Cameron and Clegg.”