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OBVIOUSLY it was a Bank Holiday weekend so you expect bad weather but how ridiculous was the rain that came down on Saturday?

Flash flooding and power cuts brought misery to hundreds, as reported in this paper.

But this column was delighted to see one lass – clearly determined a downpour wouldn’t spoil her night out – showing some proper South Yorkshire improvisation.

Dressed to the nines in heels and dress, and presumably with hair which had taken half the day to style, she ran down Sheaf Street wearing a Wilkinson’s bag tied around her head.

Well, we’ve all been there. Haven’t we?


IS Sheffield Hallam University’s David Clarke psychic?

Just last week the journalism lecturer revealed on this page how he will spend two years researching silly season stories – unlikely tales which begin to appear in the media as real news dries up over the summer.

He told us hardly a year passed without a supposed big cat sighting somewhere – and he fully expected another this time round.

This week? A lion has been reported to have escaped in Essex. Spooky.


ANOTHER day, another Jess story.

This time, it seems research has revealed more parents-to-be are considering the name for their off-springs.

A survey found 40 per cent of those questioned would call their baby Jessica if they decided to name their prodigy after an Olympic hero.

Which is nice. But does that also mean we could be looking at a generation of Usain’s coming up?


INTERESTING to note the words of a Sainsbury’s spokesperson in The Star yesterday.

New shops, he or she said, were providing customers with “wider aisles and a better range”.

That’s one spokesperson who’s obviously never been in their Arundel Gate store. A sardine-squashed Hell.