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A Street In Sheffield by Luke Prest
A Street In Sheffield by Luke Prest
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FORMER Diary star Luke Prest has been in touch.

He’s the chap who drew a pencil sketch of Bramall Lane, popped it online, and suddenly found himself inundated with requests to draw other city landmarks.

After that he released a series of images featuring places such as The Leadmill and Park Hill.

And now?

The 25-year-old of Barlow has produced this sketch, above – his dream Sheffield street. Featured are The Showroom cinema, Winter Garden and, inevitably, the Henderson’s factory, but perhaps most delightfully of all, Luke’s made room for the fish which once lived in the Hole in the Road.

A truly under-recognised Sheffield legend.


INTERESTING reminisces from comedian John Bishop in this paper last week.

“In 2008,” he mused of the time before he was a household name, “I was in Sheffield doing the Memorial Hall and I got 43 people.”

That’s 43 more, some might say, than he deserves.


ANOTHER day, another unusual Sheffield character popping up on Twitter.

Following in the footsteps of the ghost of John Ruskin and The Rutland Hotel’s Rutland Rudolph (arriving in summer!) comes Ned Neurobare, the mascot of Sheffield charity Neurocare.

He talks about chocolate, cups of tea and walks in the wood a lot.

Which, in this column’s opinion, makes him well worth following.

As is SheffieldGirlProblem, an occasional list of the tribulations faced by the city’s fairer sex.

Among the dilemmas noted are “having a stew and running out of Henderson’s” and “hearing someone from south of Nottingham open their mouths”

It’s genius of a sorts.