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NOW, far be it for this column to wish anything other than the best of luck to Sheffield entrepreneurs seeking to make a few quid in these austere times.

But am I the only one really starting to wish the umbrella sellers at the bottom of Fargate weren’t still doing such a brisk trade.

It’s August - at the very least they should be selling windbreakers.


GREAT to see more than 100 pensioners from 11 care homes across Sheffield taking part in their own Olympic games, as reported in this paper.

The residents competed in disciplines including skittles, target throwing and dominos - an over-looked Olympic sport if ever there was one - during a special event at Don Valley Stadium.

Just one question, though: when can we expect to see the winners on a huge banner outside John Lewis?


INTERESTING sign at a Barnsley bakers.

Staniforth’s in King Street, Hoyland, has a note telling customers: “When it’s your turn, if you are talking on your mobile we will serve the next customer.”

Spot on.


A PRACTICE only beaten in the annoyance stakes, incidentally, by shop assistants who continue talking to colleagues as you wait to be served.



IT’S caused something of a stir with residents but are plans for a couple of Chinese takeaways in Mosborough really all that bad?

More than 100 villagers have objected to proposals to open the food outlets in High Street, as reported in The Star yesterday.

One, Ian Fields, notes: “Mosborough is one of the few areas of Sheffield which retains its village atmosphere and we are of the opinion that to grant these applications would have a detrimental effect.”


Because, having grown up in such a place, this column always presumed a Chinese takeaway was a mainstay of any traditional Yorkshire village.