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SOME feedback for Tuesday’s Diary which revealed urban photographers have been entering some of Sheffield’s most historic buildings – to show the sorry state of disrepair they have been allowed to fall into.

Reader Vin Malone wondered one thing: why didn’t they do the old Sheffield Town Hall, in Castle Street, too?

“It’s been left to crumble away and be at the mercy of litterbugs,” he says.

Hear, hear.


IF there’s one chap who knows his Sheffield food it’s The Star restaurant critic (and former Diarist) Martin Dawes.

So, the man himself was delighted to see the city get a mention while eating fish and chips on Bergen harbour front, in Norway.

The grub came in a cone made from British newspapers. And, as these picture shows, one of those headlines was about none other than our very own Steelers ice hockey team.

“A lovely reminder of Sheffield far away,” said our man. “Incidentally, those fish and chips were almost as good as the ones from Two Steps in Sharrow Vale Road.”

He also assures us that he won’t be submitting the restaurant as a future review and trying to claim travel expenses.


DELIGHTED to hear plans for new homes on historic Wincobank Hill have been refused.

Sheffield City Council made the decision, as reported in The Star on Tuesday, to protect the historic nature of the nearby Iron Age hill fort.


You don’t get many Iron Age hill forts to the pound these days.

Those that have survived should surely not only be protected but turned into community and heritage resources too.