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SO, I promise this column won’t spend the next four weeks finding tenuous Sheffield links to talk about Euro 2012.

But... Mark Bright?

Wednesday legend he might be but, as a co-commentator, doesn’t his main ability seems to be in making even the most thrilling spectacle sound deathly dull?

It’s enough to make you wish for that other Wednesday legend, Ron Atkinson.


AND while we’re (briefly) on the championships, what a shocking decision by the Beeb not to send its main presenters to the Ukraine/Poland.

Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen et al are anchoring the tournament from a Salford studio. Presumably channel bosses decided capturing the atmosphere from the host countries wasn’t as important as, say, spending cash following the inane progress of the Olympic torch around Great Britain.


I don’t ask much for my licence fee (decent news and re-runs of Dad’s Army will largely do) but I do demand once every two years Alan Shearer gets a (working) jolly on me.


LOOKING forward to the city’s Doc/Fest starting tomorrow, as previewed in this paper last week.

But one Sheffielder, who is heavily involved with the extravaganza, will no doubt be hoping for better luck than at the last film festival he attended.

Ian Wild, chief executive of the city’s Showroom and the Workstation venues, went to Cannes last month, slipped on a red carpet and broke his ankle.

“I was able to hobble on and didn’t miss any films,” he said. “When I got home I thought I should have it checked out and they confirmed a break.”

If you see him – he’ll be the chap with his foot encased in a large plastic boot – offer your sympathies.


AND while we’re on Doc/Fest, isn’t it a shame that at the start of summer, one can’t think of the outdoor screen in Howard Street without a rain-based shudder?