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ED Sheeran, hey?

It perhaps says something about my declining relationship with popular culture that, until this week, I’m not sure I’d ever heard of him.

Apparently he’s a pop star who’s popular with the young people these days. He has two million of them Twitter followers and a couple of Brit awards.

But, to add to those accolades, this 21-year-old from West Yorkshire – and I’m sure he’ll be delighted to hear this – can now add the eternal respect of this column.

Because when he heard a dying teenager at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in North Anston had one wish – to see him in concert – he made it happen.

As revealed in The Star on Monday, he visited the centre, played for Abigail Fleming, who passed away shortly after, and gave her a bracelet. And he did it without wanting any publicity.

Truly deserving of the title superstar.


ANOTHER reason to like Ed: according to Wikipedia, his cousin is none other than The Krypton Factor host Gordon Burns.

Television royalty, indeed.


AND talking of musical superstars...

The Arts Council has taken plenty of knocking in Sheffield after it refused city museums funding worth £4.2 million, instead giving it to Leeds and York.

But perhaps the body has made up for it a little with the £1.8 million grant, announced in The Star on Tuesday, to fund music education in the city.

One of the greatest gifts you can give a child, so they say, is enabling them to play a musical instrument.

And if that money helps to produce a few more proto pop stars – a class of Cockers (either one) or a haul of Hawleys – then I reckon we’re all a good deal better off.


AND finally more good news: Barnsley tourist attraction Cannon Hall Farm is up for a Visit England Awards For Excellent gong, as revealed in The Star yesterday.

Quite right too. A South Yorkshire treasure.