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TRUTH is stranger than a tongue-in-cheek, it seems.

Regular readers may remember The Diary’s feature on the world’s first silent gig at a transport hub last month.

Meersbrook musician Michael Eden put on the show - with listeners using headphones - at Sheffield railway station.

And this page wondered what next? A silent concert at Central Library we jokingly suggested.

Well, actually, yes, possibly.

Seems our Michael is in conversation with the authorities that be about potentially staging a show there. The technology apparently exists to completely minimise ambient noise so there would be no chance of readers being disturbed while rockers enjoy the music via headphones.

Watch this space.


THIS has been bugging me for almost a week now so I’m just going to put it out there...

Did anyone else notice how the street-sellers flogging Wednesday flags at the promotion party last week all had Cockney accents? What’s with that?


ONE colleague didn’t notice.

He’s a Blade and, as such, didn’t attend the celebration outside the City Hall.

Not that he was bitter or anything. Much.

“At least the weather p****d on their parade,” he mused the next morning.


AND keeping on football, thanks to reader Pat Lyons who emails to say he was delighted to read in this column that former Wednesday manager Ron Atkinson is still talking nonsense.

Although, he adds, the latest Big Ron-ism - in which he told Radio 5 Live he once tried to sign Taekwondo - isn’t among the perma-tanned one’s best lines.


Either when the former ITV co-commentator told Clive Tyldesley: “It’s all about the two M’s – movement and positioning”.

Or summing up Paul Scholes’ tackling: “They come in so late that they arrive yesterday.”