Take Two

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FIRST things first, today: how good does Gordon Banks still look?

The England 1966 goalkeeper won the Lifetime Achievement gong at The Star’s Football Awards as detailed in Tuesday’s paper.

And at 74 the living legend is still clearly keeping himself fit.

Put it this way: even today I wouldn’t fancy my chances against him in a penalty shoot.

SO, what about these police officers who chose not to give chance after crooks stole a kayak in Harlington, Doncaster?

Cops, as reported in The Star yesterday, decided not to pursue because the quad-driving yobs weren’t wearing helmets and might hurt themselves.

Now regular readers will know I’m not a hang-em-all kind of chap but I reckon, when you enter certain professions, you do so with the acceptance you run the risk of being injured.

Fire fighting is one. Prawn trawling another. And being a scummy thief is a third.

Once these louts had decided to swipe someone else’s property surely they sacrificed their rights to nanny-state safety? Surely any good copper should have hot-trotted after and brought them to book?

As it turns out, in accordance with guidelines, officers chose to let them get away and – quote – “alternative action was taken to apprehend the suspects”.

That is to say, the suspects never got apprehended at all.


MORE South Yorkshire Misses having their Miss-ness recognised.

After The Diary reported on Sharrow stunner Ieva Dubova reaching the Miss Universe UK final last week, it comes to our attention that Treeton lass Jaime-Lee Faulkner has won a spot in the Miss England equivalent.

The 22-year-old won a heat in Leicester to reach the showpiece which will also be held there.

Good luck, duck.