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AND talking of the Hallam Tower, a colleague remembers the day it shut in April 2004.

He was dispatched to interview the last guests leaving what was once one of Sheffield’s poshest hotels.

Little did he realise those last guests – a jolly middle aged couple from Leicestershire – would be quite so open about their reasons for visiting South Yorkshire that weekend.

“We’ve been to La Chambre, love,” said the woman after posing with her suitcase for The Star’s snapper. “Best swingers club in Britain.”

INTERESTING to note that ahead of the Olympics (they’re taking place in London this summer apparently), table tennis tables are to be pitched outside Sheffield Cathedral.

This is part of a scheme – called Ping! and run by Sports England – to get more people playing games. Tables are also being placed at other iconic locations around the country including Brighton sea front, Liverpool Cavern Club and, um, Birmingham Spaghetti Junction.

You can go along, pick up a bat and ball and dink it like Drinkhall.

Which – bad weather and possible scrotes stealing the bats withstanding – I reckon sounds like a great idea. And certainly preferable to having a pointless tent of protesters on the cathedral’s forecourt.

AND another fine idea? Tomorrow’s Night Market in Barker’s Pool.

This is the arts, crafts, food and drink fair which had originally been planned for mid-February until traders decided they didn’t much fancy the idea of standing around in evening temperatures which bothered the freezing mark.

I’m fairly sure there are plenty of potential customers who would have felt the same and stayed away.

But now, mid April, here’s hoping it will be a huge success.

After all, anything – a Yates’s Wine Lodge perhaps excepted – which opens up the city centre of an evening has to be a good idea, right?

See you down there.