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T-shirt design by Localed
T-shirt design by Localed
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MORE evidence that Sheffield is a city of T-shirt designers...

A couple of emails arrived after last week’s Diary feature on the rise of the region’s Tee-makers – although I’m going to ignore the chap who called me a muppet for not featuring his label.

Instead, I was particularly taken with this design by three lads calling themselves Localed.

The T-shirt, available in Balance in Devonshire Street, city centre, features the Roxy nightclub, Malin Bridge supertram and – as is mandatory for any Sheffield design – the Tinsley Towers.

And the shop reckons it’s gone down a bomb, selling about 80 garments in just four weeks.

Not bad when you consider those three lads, Adam Wright, Jack Spivey and Jonathan Burton, are all still teenagers studying for their A-levels at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.

AH, the Tinsley Towers, eh?

A friend has a theory: In Sheffield, you’re never more than 10 yards from a picture of them.

TALKING of emails, thanks to everyone who got in touch addressing me as Pollock after last week’s Page 9 column.

Perhaps the best response, however, to my admission I didn’t like the name Colin and might change it to the fishy substitute was the advice from reader Tim Hale.

“The former US Chief of Staff was Colin Powell but pronounced Coh-Lyn,” he noted. “So maybe change your diction not your name.”

It’s a solution. Of sorts.

SPENT a couple of hours wandering around the three Crookes Valley Parks this weekend.

Sunny day. Thousands of people there. Not an ice cream seller in sight.

That has to be a business opportunity for someone. Doesn’t it?