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REGULAR Take Two correspondent Beryl White gets in touch to sympathise after my page nine rant on history yesterday.

She says that, like me, she earned a school certificate in the subject but, unlike me, didn’t have to spend years learning minute details about Hitler and Stalin.

Mind you, she notes, that’s because “I’m 79 and all that hadn’t happened.”

History overtakes us all in the end, it seems.

AND another Take Two reader calls in – about this little fellow.

Anthony Keech was squawking-startled to see a story in last week’s Star about a 26-year-old cockatiel thought to be the oldest in the region.

Our man, from Gleadless, reckons his pet, Cocky, was 29 when he passed away last year.

“There’s no way of proving it though,” he admits. “We never had a birth certificate.”

Still, old Cocky certainly lived up to his name.

“He’d wolf whistle any woman who came in the house,” says Anthony. “He almost got me in trouble a few times.”

AND finally, before there was this Take Two column, music fans may remember there was a Take Two music venue – a little place in Eighties and Nineties Attercliffe which hosted the likes of The Stone Roses and The Charlatans when they were still young. And still good.

Now the daughter, Renata, of owner Marcus Reynolds is to draw on that musical experience to offer professional singing lessons

A surprise to some, perhaps. As one punter notes: “Most of the punk bands who appeared there could categorically not sing.”

Still, we’re sure Renata’s sessions will be better. Starts Monday at Coal Aston Village Hall, in Dronfield, 7pm.