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MORE on police boxes?

A lovely email arrives from reader Eric Staveley after Midweek Retro’s article about the old units last week.

He recalls, in 1964, buying West Bar Police Station’s redundant Morris Minor pick-up truck, a vehicle which had long been used to maintain said boxes.

“For several years after that, police officers used to wave to me whenever I was driving around the city,” he says.

AND another email, this one from East Midlands Trains.

Regular readers may remember I noted last week how it had been seven months since I sent a request to the company, which runs Sheffield Train Station, asking to interview new boss David Horne.

It was suggested a spread in this newspaper would be a good way to communicate with the thousands of hard-pressed commuters who have to battle through the hub every day.

Readers may also remember, so far, a proper answer hadn’t been forthcoming.

The good news is: I’ve now received one.

The bad news is: the PR department took exception to me mentioning the situation here and have refused the request.

“At this moment, we are not looking to put forward our MD for this interview,” noted senior communications manager Emma Knight.

So far, a follow-up email to know if Mr Horne has, for example, ever tried buying a ticket at the station during rush hour has gone unanswered.

Perhaps they’ll get back to us in October...

ANYONE looking forward to this weekend’s seventh annual Sheffield Adventure Film Festival at the Showroom Cinema?

You’re in good company.

No less than Sir Ranulph Fiennes has gone on record praising the festival.

“Unless you are on top of Everest,” noted the world’s finest explorer, “there are few better places to be on a March weekend.”