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AND people say students are apathetic.

Nice to see a few of the baked bean-eaters breaking the stereotype and protesting about the Government’s controversial workfare scheme, as reported in Tuesday’s Star.

Here’s hoping they managed to change the world and get home before Neighbours started.

ANOTHER day another lazy Denis MacShane press release in The Star.

This time the Rotherham MP is criticising the “waste of taxpayers’ money” used by parents to apply for a new free school which has since been rejected.

That’s the same Rotherham MP, of course, who was told to pay back more than £5,000 of that old taxpayers money for wrongfully claimed expenses.

Perhaps we could start a new game: every time Mr MacShane calls something a waste of public cash to get a paragraph of easy publicity, Take Two will print its own paragraph pointing out his own indiscretion.

AND while we’re talking on-going Take Two issues, did you see East Midlands Train, which runs Sheffield Station, were offering commuters the chance to Tweet complaints, comments and questions to bosses this week?

Fabulous initiative.

As far as this correspondent’s own attempts to interview the MD on behalf of Sheffield commuters, however, there’s been no such willingness to come forward.

We’re now seven months since an initial request was sent and we’re still at the stage where they appear to be largely ignoring my emails.

Strange that.

AND here’s a fact to impress/bore friends with if you’re in town this weekend.

It’s 115 years tomorrow since the old Market Place, now known as Castle Square, became the best- lit place in the city.

A gas lamp – said to be the equivalent of 1,200 candles – was installed there in an experiment designed to show the possibilities of illuminating the city at night.