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AHHH, internet trolls – giving virgins everywhere a bad name.

The level of anonymous online vitriol directed at those in the public eye never fails to both amuse and sadden this writer.

Amuse because there’s something vaguely hilarious about contorted angry little men – one imagines it almost always is men – hunched over keyboards, so useless at real life they vent their faceless fury in the virtual world.

Saddened because there is something vaguely disturbing knowing such contorted angry little men aren’t just ridiculous caricatures; they actually exist.

But there is something particularly sickening about the online cretin who, as reported in The Star on Saturday, sent vile abuse to former Blades and Donny Rovers striker Billy Sharp about the death of his baby son.

What level of sub-scum must you sink to before you decide something like that is acceptable? At what point in your cowardly conscience do you square such behaviour with yourself?

Here’s hoping when they find this excuse for a human he’s put in a cell with a burly Donny fan who appreciates the 40 goals Sharp scored for the club.

AND talking of internet numpties, what about Sandra Barnes and Sarah Carter?

These are the special needs teaching pair who, after taking part in an online discussion about throwing a child from Barnsley Town Hall, are claiming they were unfairly dismissed.


Because, frankly, I reckon Greenacre School headteacher Susan Hayter was bang on to get rid, as reported in Saturday’s Star.

That the pair were joking is beside the point. If they want to let off steam they should be doing it in the privacy of the staff room or their own homes. They certainly shouldn’t be doing it online.

More to the point, the defence they didn’t realise the conversation was public surely only makes things worse – it shows they’re incompetent as well as vindictive.