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HERE’S a contradiction: The Diary’s reight proud of his Yorkshire accent - and especially so after spending time in Wolverhampton - but couldn’t agree more with a secondary school’s ban on Sheffield slang in the classroom.

Youngsters at Sheffield Springs Academy will be barred going into heavy local dialect, as reported in yesterday’s Star.


Good for the teachers and better for the kids.

Of course, there’s nowt wrong with a local accent - it’s practically an essential at the BBC, these days - but many have been the time I wished the excesses had been polished off mine while young.

Sad to say, if you’re throwing a load of tha’s into a job interview, for instance, you’re immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Because being able to communicate clearly is one of the most important, and liberating, things a child can be taught. And sometimes communicating clearly means giving it just a touch of the Queen’s.

Perhaps more schools should follow Springs’ example.

HOW well used is Meersbrook Park, Tuesday’s Star asked.

Very, if The Diary’s experience is anything to go by.

Back when I was studying at Norton College, me and a few lads would often go for a kick about there. We weren’t the only ones, though, and a bunch of young high school upstarts would regularly challenge us to a game.

If memory serves, we eventually started going to Norton Playing Fields instead because we couldn’t handle the humiliation of being beaten every time.

GREAT days living in Meersbrook, though.

The flat was broken into about six times in nine months but even that had its own rewards.

Nothing’s ever quite given me the same sense of satisfaction as looking round my raided bedroom and realising, after tossing some stuff around, the uninvited guests had clearly decided there wasn’t a single thing worth taking. Unlucky lads.