Take Two

John Cole
John Cole
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WELL, that was awkward...

“Hi Toby,” says our photographer entering his office for today’s main piece. “Didn’t you once slag newspaper photographers off live on air, saying they always make people pose with daft props?”

“Did I?” says Tony innocently. “Well, I’m sure you’re not like that, anyway.”

Half a minute later, Tony’s standing in a mortar board.

MORE from Ant Anderson, the former Diary star who appeared on this page after writing a book about his time working in Australia’s bandit world of prawn trawling.

We reported last week how the 25-year-old, of Ecclesall Road, had found fame in his native north east after the Newcastle Journal picked up on our story and put it on their front page.

Now, it seems, that fame is set to spread to Australia with the Cairns Post – the paper serving the Aussie city where Ant lived – dropping on The Diary’s tale. They’ve emailed him and asked for a Skype interview.

Great news perhaps but let’s just hope they’ve not read his book too closely. In it, Ant confesses how he and a crew mate accidentally let a camel out from a city circus after a particularly lively night out.

“I was so scared,” he says. “I expected a knock from the police any moment.”

AND this, it seems, is John Cole.

Regular readers may remember Midweek Retro said last week it was unclear if any pictures of the three Cole Brothers survived.

Not to regular correspondent and history buff Vin Malone it isn’t.

He sends this snap of the eldest of the trio - who founded the famous Cole Brothers department store - discovered in Sheffield Archives. None as yet, however, of either Thomas or Skelton.