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SO, at the risk of sounding contrary about this whole bin collection controversy: is going fortnightly really such a big deal?

A little bit of thought and a tad more recycling by each individual household and the entire city benefits from more money being made available to pump into other areas – looking after the elderly perhaps? That sounds like good civic leadership to me. See, also: dimming some street lights in the early hours. But perhaps I’m biased.

I remember the same thing happening in Huddersfield – where my parents lived at the time with a household of five – and the cataclysmic bin-pocalypse that had been predicted there never happened. Turned out refuse wasn’t left rotting in streets and a plague of rats didn’t invade every quiet suburb. Turned out in fact to be a pretty good system. Recycling one week, household refuse the next. Saved my dad having to drag two bins to the top of the drive every week. He was happy with that.

Of course Sheffield Council must tread carefully and of course there will be some households and areas that need special exemptions, but, honestly, do the majority of us really need all our refuse to be collected every single week?

INTERESTING goings on at Nonna’s Italian restaurant, in Ecclesall Road, where we hear a cycling rollerpaluzza is to be held.

That’s a stationary race where two bikers compete head to head to see who can cover the equivalent of 500 metres the quickest.

There’ll be initial heats on Tuesday, February 28 from 6pm.

Rumours they’re serving pasta dinners and wine down the Ponds Forge gym that night are entirely unfounded.

YOU’VE got to feel sorry for the Conisbrough teenager who, as reported in yesterday’s Star, had to be rushed to hospital moments before auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

Kate Hunter had an allergic reaction to some painkiller co-codamol.

Still, it could be worse, she could be in Stavros Flatley.