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AND here was me thinking you Diary readers were an ill-educated bunch of oiks.

Turns out not.

A correspondent has emailed in following our feature on the Great Exhibition of 1851 last week to ask if I was aware the man who designed the Crystal Palace, Sir Joseph Paxton, also worked on the glass pavilions at Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens.

I wasn’t – but you can bet I’ll be dropping that nugget in to a few conversations from now on.

Any more fascinating facts? The email addy is up there...

INTERESTING to read organisers of a student night called ‘Get Laid’ have been rapped by advertising watchdogs, as reported in The Star.

Officials banned the Republica nightclub flyer in which a woman appeared with a speech bubble saying: “You’re going to get laid”. They said it linked alcohol with sexual success. The fact the bubble came from the girl’s hotpants apparently didn’t help.

Although, really, that’s nothing. An unsurprisingly short-lived club night launched at Leeds University Students’ Union in September was called simply ‘F**k A Fresher’.

Those asterisks, by the way, are ours.

It’s not like in my day when our nights had good wholesome names: Pounded, Trashed and – most delightfully of all – Dirty School Disco.

Double vodka and mixer a quid for girls in uniform.

All good, clean fun, your honour.

REGULAR readers may have noticed Star restaurant critic and (much missed) former diarist Martin Dawes has been reviewing a lot of Chinese restaurants of late.

His excuse is that they dominate the city’s culinary scene due to thousands of Far East scholars studying here. But more likely it’s because he gets to show off his considerable chopstick skills.

The only thing he doesn’t mention to impressed staff and diners?

Those chopsticks have been brought from home, and they’re specially hinged at the top.