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IT’S that time of year again, it seems, when Sheffield Council ask for nominations for a new legend to be introduced onto the city’s Walk Of Fame.

Strange because I’m still waiting for acknowledgment to my suggestion last year for Lizzie Ward.

Regular readers will remember The Diary launched a campaign – that is to say, wrote a couple of half-baked opinion pieces – demanding the World War One, steel working elephant be recognised for her unstinting hard work and good humour.

This, after all, is a lass who helped keep Thomas Ward’s Attercliffe steelworks running at the height of the conflict and who became a much-loved character around the city.

And I reckon a star for old Lizzie would be a star for every Sheffielder who sacrificed so much during the two conflicts and for all those who broke their backs turning the city’s steelworks into the best in the world.

She’s an icon and a legend. And the independent panel can expect my second nomination shortly.

OR, if they’re insisting on a human, I bet Hawley would be willing to walk down from his regular haunt Fagan’s, in Broad Lane, to unveil one in his honour.

With albums including Cole’s Corner and Lady’s Bridge, he’s done as much as anyone to highlight the city’s landmarks. Isn’t it about time a city landmark highlighted him?

ANOTHER week, another two stories in The Star regarding Occupy Sheffield – and another two camp spokesmen refusing to give their last names.

Seriously, guys, if you believe in your cause, why still so secretive?

AND finally, as a small aside to today’s main Diary piece, it was interesting to watch Nicki’s Take Me Out introduction film in which she tells viewers she has 197 different pairs of shoes.

One hundred and ninety-seven? Now, far be it for me to suggest that’s too many but if you add all mine and all hers together you get exactly 200 pairs.