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DON’T you just love a happy ending?

And there’s none happier than seeing a young man reunited with the £600 guitar he thought lost forever.

Within hours of The Diary featuring a somewhat unorthodox poster campaign to find Joseph Armstrong’s Hutchins, it was returned good as new.

The 24-year-old, of London Road - who plays with punkers Avida Dollars - feared the guitar gone for good after it was apparently stolen following a New Year’s Eve gig at The Harley.

A poster campaign asking the reader if they had a misguided mate who may have swiped it was an internet sensation. And it seems the extra publicity helped reveal another city rocker had found it outside the Glossop Road venue and taken it home for safekeeping. Hmmm.

In any case, Joseph’s got it back.

“I was delighted, dude,” he says. “I can’t thank The Diary enough.”

MEADOWHALL, eh? It’s not the worst place on Earth perhaps – but only because the Earth also includes places like Wolverhampton.

But, still, as awfulness goes, it scores pretty high. In my opinion, anyway. Safe to say I didn’t do my Christmas shopping there.

And yet I couldn’t help but be disappointed to read in Friday’s Star that bosses are making permanent a move which has seen the centre’s iconic steel workers sculpture dumped out in the car park.

This bronzed monument to Sheffield’s history – previously a mainstay of Market Street – is to be left, vagrant like, to fight the elements where fewer people see it.

Bosses won’t say why they’ve made the move although, by happy coincidence, the extra few feet that’s been left inside will no doubt make prime retail space.

How pitiful the city’s heritage pays the price for such penny-pinching.

APOLOGIES if you’ve seen this one already but, passing through Beigh-ton this weekend, I had to laugh at the name of the tanning shop in High Street: Bay Tan.