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NICE to see the new autobiography by Sue Johnston – the actress of Brookside and The Royal Family fame – gives Sheffield’s very own Sean Bean a mention.

The Diary isn’t sure Sean himself will be so impressed, however.

In Things I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, Sue remembers working on Inspector Morse with the Lord Of The Rings actor.

“He is a lovely man,” she says. “And we chatted about everything from the TUC to football – he’s a passionate Sheffield Wednesday fan.”

Oops. And here I was thinking that 100% Blade tattoo on his arm meant he was a United lad.

HEARD about New York’s MetLife Stadium? They’re thinking of renaming it The Rotherham.

YESSS, I know that’s pretty much the same gag which appeared here when plans to build a Chinese theme park in the town were revealed but... well, it made me laugh then and it makes me laugh now.

FOR what it’s worth, though, I seriously reckon it’s a cracking name.

Let’s be honest, in an era of footy grounds being called things like the Sports Direct Arena (that’s St James Park to you, me and everyone apart from Mike Ashley) how refreshing it is to have a club showing imagination and an appreciation of history.

One can even forgive council leader Roger Stone perhaps getting slightly carried away

“The name will enable us to create links with New York across in America,” he enthused in Tuesday’s Star. “It can open doors. I’m sure we’ll be able to bring the New York mayor here.”

Perhaps best not hold your breath.

AND finally, a quick thanks to those readers who have sent Christmas cards to The Diary. If you could stick a fiver in next year, that would be even more appreciated.

In the mean time, this being the last word before the madness ensues: a very merry Christmas and see you on the other side.