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Sheffield-inspired cushion by Michelle Mason
Sheffield-inspired cushion by Michelle Mason
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IT’S not very often, one can safely assume, that ghost-hunting geeks get compared to rock gods.

So former Diary star David Clarke was delighted with a recent review of one of his talks.

The 48-year-old, who appeared on this page while researching the tale of a 19th century woman supposedly scared to death in Campo Lane, was giving a presentation on his work at a convention of the unexplained in London.

“He has a lovely Jarvis-like lilt,” wrote one online reviewer afterwards.

I thought it was more Sean Bean myself but either way...

TO another former Diary star – one, it should perhaps be said, who doesn’t sound like Sean Bean.

Michelle Mason - she’s the Sheffield-born, London-based designer who created a range of Park Hill bags earlier this year - has come up with another Steel City inspired range.

Iconic landmarks including the Winter Garden, City Hall, Town Hall and, um, The Wicker, will appear on the 47-year-old’s new bags and cushions, pictured.

The collection goes on sale at the Millennium Gallery this week.

That’s your nana’s present sorted, then.

NICE to see Warp Films – one of the groups taking part in today’s featured Pub Scrawl, incidentally – showcasing their home city.

The Sheffield-based co-producers of Channel 4’s new This Is England 88 series used Gleadless Valley, Lowedges and Woodhouse as a backdrop to several scenes.

It’s still available on 4OD.com if you missed the three-part drama. Recommended viewing – and not just because you might see where you live.

AND, finally, thanks to today’s main Diary star Lord Bunn for redesigning, for one day only, the page’s masthead.

Looks sweet.