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Christmas Bike ride
Christmas Bike ride
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AND they’re off.

This is the moment the stars of Thursday’s Diary set off on their Christmas ride.

Sheffield’s FridayNightRiders – a gang of more than 50 bikers who hit the streets once a month on specially themed rides – were, as promised, decked out in festive lights and tinsel.

They toured the city’s decorations, but were something of a seasonal show all by themselves.

“The reactions from people ranged from astonishment to cheers and laughs,” says group founder Mick Nott.

“Although when I called merry Christmas to one market trader in The Moor, his response was to shout back ‘On yer bike’.

“That’s the season to be jolly for you, I suppose.”

Your columnist waved them along, incidentally, as they set off from a prearranged launch party at The Workstation, in Paternoster Row.

I only felt slightly guilty as I watched them go, then headed back inside for another mince pie.

AND my ma always said too much sugar in your tea was bad for you.

Try telling that to Charlotte Twells, the 105-year-old Heeley lass who revealed in Saturday’s Star the secret to her long life is having three spoonfuls in every mug. And she has eight of them a day.

My kind of girl.

AND finally a quick note on those Sheffield beer names in today’s main piece.

For any readers wondering why Thor’s Thunder is a Steel City reference...shame on you. It is, quite obviously (ahem), because the Norse God Thor is on the city’s coat of arms.

The Diary’s thanks to Doctor Stillman for patiently explaining that after he noted me perusing the list and looking confused.