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NICE to hear of The Diary being read in Germany.

Our feature on Bea Marshall earlier this year – that’s the Walkley lass who has spent the last 18 months living without shoes – was apparently picked up on by TV producers in Berlin. They got in touch with the 33-year-old web designer and asked her to feature in a documentary about so-called free-livers.

Now, after negotiations, camera crews will be arriving in the new year to spend a week with bare-footed Bea.

“The amount of attention I’ve got from around the world is incredible,” she says.

Just a shame that has also included one chap from South Africa who seems to have developed a foot fetish with her. “He’s been sending me some strange emails,” says Bea.

AND nice to see also that, while the BBC gets accused of sexism for not including any women in its Sports Personality Of The Year shortlist, one American website is doing it’s bit for feminism.

Bleacher Report, a site dedicated to baseball, basketball and the wrong kind of football, is celebrating the sporting achievements of 25 women - by ranking them in a countdown of who’s the sexiest. Yes, really. Our very own Jessica Ennis is flying high with a spot at number 13. She must be ever so proud.

THEY do a nice beer, of course, but would anyone really want to wash in Thornbridge Brewery ales?

The Bakewell-based brewers will be putting that question to the test this Christmas when it releases a range of its very own soaps. Fans will be able to scrub themselves clean in Jaipur and Wild Swan smellies.

“Beer was used for centuries as a kind of shampoo because of its natural conditioning properties,” says marketing manager Alex Buchanan by way of explanation for the unusual sideline.

Fair play - although, personally, I think I’ll stick to drinking it.