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Street juggler Dan Magness
Street juggler Dan Magness
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WORLD record ball juggler Dan Magness had the lads gawping open-mouthed on Fargate with his sensational skills.

Dan, aged 28, has moved to Sheffield to be with his girlfriend Julie and will be displaying his brilliance on Fargate for the next few days.

Former Wimbledon FC trainee Dan broke the world record in Hong Kong last year, keeping the ball in the air for an amazing 26 hours.

“I love doing all this and I suppose I knew I was good at it by the time I was 11-years-old,” said Dan, originally from Guildford.

“I have been to Old Trafford and Anfield, the Stade De France and Barcelona doing the juggling on the pitch at half time.

“I also did it at half-time during the Steel City derby in October. That was a fantastic experience, a great atmosphere. Coming from Guildford I’m not used to noise like that!”