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ANOTHER Sheffield pub sharing a name with a movie, as submitted by reader Marley Clifton. He suggests The Graduate, in Surrey Street, city centre. Perhaps the best effort yet, sir.

NICE to see Sheffield’s very own Jarvis Cocker is among the cool kids again.

The Pulp front man and self-confessed eternal geek was voted in at number two in the New Musical Express’s annual run down of who’s hot in rock and pop. Number nine, meanwhile, was fellow city lad and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

Who beat our Jarvis to number one you ask? Rapper Azealia Banks. Nope, never heard of her either. Proof, perhaps, that I’m getting old.

IT’S called the blue route - so why not stick some blues on it?

Anyone catching the 11.17am tram from Halfway to Shalesmoor next Saturday December 3 will be able to catch a moving gig by singer and guitarist Dave Couldwell. The bluesman will be performing on the route as part of the Christmas Blues and Ale festival being held at the Creative Arts Development Space in Snow Lane, Shalesmoor.

Well...it’s better than listening to some bloke talking on his mobile all journey isn’t it? Incidentally, the festival at CADS runs midday to midnight, and includes 10 different acts blues lounge and cinema, and a range of beers. Entry is £6.

“POLICE chiefs make pledge to cut crime,” ran a headline in yesterday’s Star. Awfully good of them that, isn’t it? What next? Firemen pledging to put out fires?

ONE wonders if cutting crime includes telling off Pitsmoor residents about letting their cats roam the streets? This was in Tuesday’s Star. Kishwar Khan was stunned to find bobbies at his door wanting a word about moggy Tinkerbell’s movements. The officers asked him to stop the cat going onto a neighbour’s lawn. Now, fair play there’s nothing more annoying than seeing next door’s fleaball using your lawn as a litter tray, but a police issue? Really?