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Sukhraj Johal and the world's smallest bodybuilder Aditya 'Romeo' Dev
Sukhraj Johal and the world's smallest bodybuilder Aditya 'Romeo' Dev
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IS Rupert Murdoch a secret Blade?

It’s a question United fans have been asking after seeing the latest Sky Sports billboards dotted around the city.

In them, there’s a character wearing what looks suspiciously like a Wednesday scarf. The only trouble? Said character is a pig. Oink.

AND the award for the most random picture ever sent to The Diary goes to Sukhraj Johal for this effort.

It’s him on holiday meeting the world’s smallest body-builder.

Do we want to print it, he asks. Hell, yes.

The 23-year-old Broomhall shop assistant of Brinsworth bumped into mini-but-muscley Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev - the 84 cm star of a recent Channel Four gawp-fest documentary - on holiday in India.

“I’m 5ft 9 so I don’t tower over too many people,” says Sukhraj. “But he was tiny. He told me he was tired and didn’t want to talk but he let me pick him up for a picture.”

As you do.

NOT a single reader has yet come up with another Sheffield pub sharing a name with a novel, as challenged in Thursday’s Diary.

But Steve Holmshaw asks if movies are acceptable instead?

“I would like to put forward the High Noon, in Kilvington Avenue on the Woodthorpe estate, which was also a film starring Gary Cooper,” he says. “I bet your readers can come up with more.”

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

IN a similar vein, the features editor wonders if Shakespeares (In Love) would be allowed.

It wouldn’t. Pipe down, old timer.

AND finally a couple of people have asked if I’m growing a moustache for Movember?

Afraid not. The main reason being I have the facial hair growth of a 13-year-old girl.