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Showme Thebunny rides in Bunny
Showme Thebunny rides in Bunny
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I was roped into judging a stand-up comedy night at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium the other evening.

When I say roped in, I mean they offered me a couple of free drinks and a pork butty, and I snapped their hands off.

Best (repeatable) one-liner of the night? Glenn Moore – a Hugh Grant-esque Sheffield-based fop – on taking legal action against a fabric conditioner company: “I fought Lenor... and Lenor won.”

AND from a greyhound stadium to a pair of the fine animals themselves.

This is the 24-foot monster sculpture, featured in last week’s Diary, which has been racing through Sheffield atop a limousine, and there in the front seat is the very canine she was modelled on.

Showme Thebunny - that’s the real greyhound - enjoyed a ride in her namesake Bunny while the massive steel, foam and fibre glass model was motoring around town as part of a nationwide publicity stunt.

Now, who wouldn’t find that adorable?

Perhaps the bloke on West Street who got so distracted snapping the three-tonne dog on his mobile he walked straight into a lamppost. Embarrassing.

YET more readers emailing in with the answer to what ‘ottherinbidesen’ means - I’ve never felt so well informed.

But special kudos has to go to Di Griffiths who replies to my plea for help about this Sheffield-ism with 200 emailed words of broad Steel City dialect.

“Cum on nah Colin Lad,” she starts. “Thee and thi maytes are gooing ter ave to sheck theesens if tha’t gooing to try and interprit t’ Sheffield,” and rounds things off several paragraphs later by suggesting I “gerra grip, kid”.

That’s me teld.