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THEY might be in the football hinterlands of Division One but Sheffield Wednesday are nothing less than a top ten club according to a soccer website.

The only problem? It’s a top ten most embarrassing kit sponsors of all time.

The none-too-classic 2002-03 shirt makes the list for its Chupa Chups advert.

“There is something silly about having a product aimed at six-year-olds on the shirts of grown men,” notes the Off The Post site. “Especially hugely tattooed obese fans.”

Still, it could be worse. Top of the list was Lyon’s Le 69 sponsorship.

SHE’s the girl who taught The Diary how to de-glove burlesque style (although so far it’s not been a skill that has been called upon).

Now Rachel Lightfoot wants to perk up your office Christmas party.

The 25-year-old Mexborough lass, stage name Deadly Nightshade, is offering a festive show, aimed at corporate shindigs. She reckons burlesque has grown so popular there’ll be plenty of takers.

And she could be right. Certainly, as work parties go, it beats watching the boss try to grope the secretary.

CONGRATULATIONS and commiserations to Sheffield bar tender, and former Diary star, Russell Ward.

The Tinsley TGI Friday’s cocktail-shaker has been competing to become the company’s best UK barman at a London final. The good news is he got a podium place, coming second. The bad news? Silver doesn’t get him a trip to Cyprus for the European championships.

Always next year, son.

WHO’D have thunk South Yorkshire was such a fishy place?

More than 200 visitors attended the Sheaf Valley Aquatics Society annual show at Stocksbridge’s Venue at the weekend. The group - featured in The Diary last month - say that’s a four-fold increase on last year. Something in the water perhaps.