Take responsibilty for street drinkers

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I really must get out more but when I do it’s sometimes not very edifying.

Colin Drury, formerly of The Star, once asked why Fitzalan Square and Hartshead are not more used by Joe Public.

I said that Fitzalan Square is coming along splendidly thanks to the work of Hallam University and the council in transforming the old GPO.

Hartshead used to have benches outside the Dove and Rainbow, which has changed a bit since I used to frequent it, where we would sup our Whitbread Tankard and Trophy.

Recently I was showing a bunch of guys round the area. In the area were a bunch of street drinkers fortified by cheap cider.

From what I can tell most of them don’t appear to have been in the locals but I could be wrong.

Also, none of them appear to be anything other than indigenous Sheffielders.

Now this isn’t an problem limited to Sheffield and I feel like Edward VIII when he said ‘something must done’ about the Welsh miners. He abdicated his responsibility and I think maybe the state has as well on this issue.

Oh for the days on Thursday pay nights when town was heaving.

Ron Clayton