Take care of our own first

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Having just read in the Sunday papers about a young girl with liver disease ibeing denied treatment due to costs, it made me write in.

How come that this person and many others like her suffering from cancer are denied due to costs, yet we throw billions at migrants?

We must take care of our own first.

We must also cut overseas aid by 70 per cent and divert this money to our NHS, police, fire service, and other services and create jobs at the same time.

We then need to secure our borders and have more control of our laws.

Some say the NHS would struggle, but don’t we have 1.7 million out of work?

We therefore need to get a work ethic back here. We need to stop benefits machines having kids under 18/20 years old.

Start by reducing benefits after the third child. If you can’t afford them don’t have them.

We need to stop pandering to criminals and druggies. That money should go to genuine people not those who have brought it on themselves. It’s time certain sections of society were responsible for their own actions.

Finally, why aren’t most of these migrants fighting their own battles, instead of coming here?

It must have something to do with a house, health care and free education and giving nothing worthwhile back.

Added to this are the migrants who have ruined Page Hall despite several clean-ups and lots of money being spent.