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We are asked, frequently, to support local shops, but we can’t do that when they are being squeezed by supermarkets.

The latest casualty is our newsagent, it has been a place where people, who are elderly, have paid the rent etc.

People who are set in their ways, don’t have access to online trading, more to the point, they don’t want it, (I’m one of them).

Our newsagent was due to change hands, and new owners wanted to make a few changes, one being to add another product to their stock.

In stepped the Co-op, who quickly told the newsagent, you can’t do that.

My question is, why not? The supermarket, which is near to the newsagent, sells newspapers, magazines and everything else a grocers sells.

Most large supermarkets buy a piece of land and then build a supermarket on it, that supermarket being the only shop on that land.

The one I’m referring to is in with a few other shops. There should be a law that states supermarkets cannot move into a block of shops that are privately owned.

If our newsagent is forced our of business, four staff, some who have been there 34 years, will lose their jobs, as well as the paper boys, some of whom who work to fund their college work.

Eileen Stennett