Supertram anniversary

Supertram. Picture: Andrew Roe
Supertram. Picture: Andrew Roe
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2015 was the 21st Anniversary of Supertram in Sheffield.

To commemorate this milestone I am compiling a collection of memories from people who have travelled on the tram.

I am looking for any memorable events which may have happened to passengers.

For example:

Have you found romance on the tram?

Has anything unusual happened on a journey?

Has the tram made an impact on your life in any way?

Have you used the tram to travel to a memorable sporting or entertainment event?

Has something significant happened when you were waiting for a tram?

The idea is to capture as many peoples experience as possible.

If any of your readers would like to contribute they can contact me on

Lawrence Whyte

Cracknell, Millsands, Sheffield, S3