Substance NOT spin

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It is welcome that the MP and local Labour Party at Wentworth & Dearne, finally listened to common sense, after attempting to exclude 95 per cent of the members for a nomination meeting for the Labour Leader.

Many of the wider, excluded members support Jeremy Corbyn because of his policies and the way he has conducted himself despite the squalid antics of some MPs.

Corbyn is a leader for improving living standards, to stand up for the working class, a leader for the millions instead of a leader for millionaires

He intervened in the Tata Steel crisis to fight for the defence of steel jobs and our communities.

It’s a pity past Governments and leaders did not do likewise to defend the coal industry and manufacturing, as we are now totally reliant on China, Russia and other nations.

Corbyn has also stood up for the most vulnerable, for workers, elderly and young, for our NHS and public services, against austerity and for investment.

This election for the leader is phoney.

It’s not even a real election – it is a fabricated challenge to the democratically elected leader.

To be fair, the challenger is an unknown, inexperienced and rookie MP who is being used as a stooge and being manipulated by others who refuse to identify themselves.

We want substance NOT spin, a real alternative to austerity and making people pay the price for the bankers. Stop undermining our Party and get behind Jeremy Corbyn.

Ged Dempsey

Print worker, by email