Strong and stable?

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How galling and deflating it must be for the Tories – after calling a snap election when polls showed a massive lead over Labour – to have to watch helplessly as their lead drops inexorably away to almost nothing.

Since becoming Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has constantly had to show courage and resilience in the face of vicious attacks by the right wing media and the Conservative Party. During the election campaign he’s demonstrated the same honesty and integrity he’s always shown throughout his political career. I believe his sincerity and statesmanship have impressed many people who were previously cynics.

The Labour Manifesto pledges to take the energy, water and rail industries and the Royal Mail back under public control and commits a Labour government to scrapping tuition fees, boosting workers’ rights, reversing benefit cuts and applying a new 50p tax on those earning over £123,000.

These pledges have proved to be very popular with the electorate, compared with the Tory manifesto which promises nothing but more on more austerity for those least able to defend themselves whilst ensuring more generous handouts for the richest in society. Thus the gap between rich and poor grows and grows as long as the Conservatives are in power..

A perfect example has been their treatment of the NHS and the dedicated staff struggling to make it work. We’re all too sadly aware of the longer waiting lists: cancer patient treatment targets being missed, not enough nurses, NHS staff suffering 9 years of real terms pay cuts - the dismal list goes on and on.

It’s a pity that Theresa May hasn’t the courage to debate her manifesto pledges and her government’s past record with Mr Corbyn. She could have explained why the Tories allowed the NHS to deteriorate so drastically and poverty to become so endemic that thousands of people, including some nurses, have to use foodbanks – a national disgrace for the world’s sixth largest economy.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever know how effectively she would have debated with Mr Corbyn but what kind of messages do her U-turns and her refusals to debate send to the EU representatives that she will have to negotiate with regarding Brexit?

Strong and stable? More like weak and wobbly to me.

Patrick Hogan

Waterthorpe Rise, Sheffield, S20

Yes you can!

I heard Jeremy Corbyn ask: “Do you really want to see your children in oversized classrooms?”

What a joke this man is. Labour opened the floodgates to mass immigration and encouraged the massive benefits system.

He then pretends none of this has anything to do with the massive population boom or the extra demand on the NHS, housing and schools.

How can letter writers say they don’t like him but will vote for him because they can’t vote anything but Labour? YES, you can!

He will not stand up to the EU and the unions will be back in charge.

Worried pensioner


No hoper Farron

Living as we do in the Hallam constituency, we are absolutely deluged with begging letters/pleading literature and even Conservative turn coats imploring us to vote Lib Dem or Nick Clegg, the man who once sold the students down the river.

Now what do we get, I’ll tell you what we get Tim, (opens his mouth and the wind blows his tongue about), Farron.

This man cannot except that the country voted BREXIT, he’s just a man that being the party leader thinks that what he says is relevant, in effect he’s just a man that you know is talking rubbish, (because his lips are moving).

Voting is very personal but it don’t half fill the litter bins with candidates literature from the likes of no hoper Farron.

John Vintin

by email

Noble dream back-fired

Whilst I respect Veronica Hardstaff’s comments on the EU, (Letters June 3), I cannot agree with her views as surely she isn’t naive enough to believe that the European Union we have now voted to leave bears any resemblance to the one the British people were misled into joining in 1973.

Unfortunately what may have started out as a noble dream spectacularly back-fired and instead of a union of countries brought together for trading purposes as we were initially promised, it turned into a dictatorial monster whereby the UK’s power to run our own country and make our own decisions was gradually eroded.

Jean Monnet, the French intellectual who was the founding father of the EU dream, wrote way back at its inception “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the Super-state without their people understanding what is happening.

This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation”.

Edward Heath took us into the then EEC in 1973 on a pack of lies by saying it was for trading purposes only, knowing full well we were signing away huge tracts of British sovereignty and allowing most of our powers to be transferred from London to Brussels.

I am quite certain this blatant deception would not have been knowingly supported by WW2 veterans who, after fighting for this country’s freedom and independence, would now wish to see our parliamentary democracy undermined by having our right to govern ourselves taken away.

Pretty much the same thing has happened with the Human Rights Act which was produced with every good intention of helping those escaping tyranny in war-torn countries, but instead has been abused which sadly has resulted in many undesirables entering our country under false pretences.

Many who claim to be escaping from danger gain access to Great Britain to milk our benefits system or to bring chaos and mayhem to the UK and its citizens with criminal activities and terrorist atrocities.

We have seen a gross distortion in both the EU and Human Rights Act which has strayed away from their original purpose which was intended to produce economic benefits for the UK, provide shelter for genuine victims of dangerous regimes and maintain peace and close friendship between our nations whilst still retaining our own identity and the right to make decisions for Great Britain in our own Parliament.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moo, Sheffield, S10

Mrs Theresa maybe

Mrs May has done enough U-turns to justify us changing her name to Mrs Maybe.

Even the election date was brought forward after she had rubbished the idea.

Watch out for the Prime Minister flipping from fox hunter to animal lover.

Max Nottingham