Stories of good deeds

Ray and Barbara Wragg
Ray and Barbara Wragg
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Lotto winner, Barbara Wragg dies but leaves behind lots of stories of good deeds.

I would be like the Wraggs if I won a large amount of money.

I wouldn’t keep it all, I would like to do nice things to help others.

You often hear about these big winners who have lost all their winnings after buying big mansions, helicopters and race horses.

It’s all superficial. Be like the Wraggs, I say, getting pleasure in spreading around your wealth.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield S35

Boredom-free reading

What a sensible idea from Ken Tomlinson, (Letters, May 21), who says he is so bored with my letters that he doesn’t read them any more.

That is the obvious answer for anyone fed up of reading my comments on various issues.

I must, however, reassure him, as he seems concerned that I am so preoccupied with writing that I have no time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful area in which I live.

Don’t worry, Mr Tomlinson, as being an insomniac I use the hours of the night to ‘pen’ my letters so I don’t miss out on any daytime activities such as viewing the lovely scenery around me.

Just two corrections regarding your letter. I don’t do ‘blogs’ and think you meant I spend a lot of time crossing the Ts and dotting the I’s, or am I being a little pedantic in criticising your error?

Anyway, enjoy your boredom-free reading of the Letters page from now on.

Oh dear I forgot, that means you won’t be reading this letter.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Goose dinner very welcome

Reading the recent Star articles entitled: “Ducklings Mown Down”, (May 5, 2018, p7), and “Police Help M18 Ducks”, (Star, May 9, 2018, p7,) reminded me of the following brief article that appears in the Stocksbridge column of the December 4, 1926 edition of the Penistone Express, (p2) which states: “Geese Killed.

Last Saturday three geese were run over by a motor vehicle in Manchester road. An impromptu auction sale followed and the fallen flock were disposed of.”

This begs the questions as to whether the stricken birds were of a wild or domestic nature and if the latter, then who owned them and was it the owner who engaged in the impromptu auction?

Besides who bought them and for what price?

Perhaps this is an example of the enterprise society in action?

Especially given that 1926 had been characterised by conditions born of austerity much worse in more recent times; and with Christmas coming up, then, a cheap goose would make a welcome Christmas dinner?

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36

Expressing your views

In relation to H Midgeley’s letter, (The Star, May 18), I agree with his/her sentiments about Janet W’s verse in defence of Susan Richardson and his/her endorsements of Susan Richardson’s letters.

I too find them very interesting, concise and well researched. She has the gift of great cognition and clarity of thought. I’m positively envious, as I myself have the foggiest brain on earth and can ramble for Britain!

As regards H Midgeley’s comments about other contributors taking up space on these pages with mundane or boring observations, (or politics), I’ve concluded that mundane and boring are both relative terms.

People who write in to these pages are all different folk with different interests and outlooks and ideologies, who choose to write about whatever is touching their lives, however big or small.

Sure there are some subjects that don’t float my boat either, but many others that do. That’s what these pages are for, to allow a diverse number of people to express their views.

They’re open to us all!

So long as there are no blatant attacks on Susan Richardson or anyone else, and no insulting phraseology aimed at them, their views, or their subject matter, then I would say everyone should keep on writing in about whatever subject they find appropriate or wish to express an opinion on, and trust the editor’s discretion on how much space to allocate to whose words!

CM Langan

Sheffield, S8

Blackcurrant or blueberry?

Just a quick survey-type letter regarding sales of blueberry bushes by a certain shop that sells things for £1.

In 2016 this shop was selling fruit bushes for a £1, so I bought a blueberry bush and a gooseberry bush and had to wait till the following year for them to produce fruit.

So last year had two gooseberries off one bush and a bumper crop of blackcurrants off the blueberry bush.

I contacted the shop and was told they were sorry I was disappointed with my purchase and they would refund my money.

I said I had bought a blueberry bush in good faith according to the packaging and would like a replacement blueberry bush.

No chance, so I left it at that and as they were still selling the bushes decided to buy another blueberry bush, according to the packaging.

Surprise, surprise, I now have two blackcurrant bushes and still no blueberry bush.

So the point of this is to find out if any other customers had got a blackcurrant bush instead of a lovely nutritious healthy blueberry fruit bush?

Dave M

Sheffield, S12

Thanks a million, Mark

Doom monger Mark Carney says that every household in Britain is £900 worse off since the Brexit vote.

Well, this household and thousands more are multiple times worse off than that, due to his insistence on keeping the interest rates at an all-time low.

Many people of a certain age rely on the interest on their savings to supplement their £127 basic pensions.

So thanks a million, Mark.

T Walker

Handsworth, Sheffield, S13