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I welcome the letters from readers who genuinely love our beautiful city and its people.

The contract with Amey began in 2012 but I can only trace a group of campaigners back to 2014, (membership just under 6,000), and many more ‘not in our back yard’ groups.

Yes, I know the hysterical outpourings went viral, giving the world the impression that our wonderful city would be devoid of trees. I have family and friends in Australia and New Zealand who think just that.

I live in a village in the north of the city, and, like many thousands of others love our beautiful green city.

How dare some readers call residents of Maple Grove ignorant and uneducated.

They were then subjected to an intimidating door- knocking exercise!

I have, actually, been prompted to write now that the Western Road plane trees are back in the news. I quote from The Observer Book of Trees ‘...Each fruiting bobble releases scores of tiny seeds bearing short hairs to aid dispersal by the wind. Many people find these hairs irritating...’ This was mentioned by the council in one of the many articles regarding campaigners, but only a little sentence to the end of the piece was printed.

Granted, in the Victorian ‘Orwell’ industrial city, smoke and dirt filling the sky, the plane tree would survive because of its peeling bark allowing the tree to breathe through its trunk.

Our sky is not now smoked-filled from industry but we are choked by low lying vehicle emissions.

Some arboriculturists believe young vigorous trees are more efficient road trees and the huge canopies have a tunnel effect on modern pollution.

The photograph of the plane trees when they were newly planted is beautiful. Young healthy trees with fabulous Victorian ‘villas’ as a back drop.

Probably why some readers think this is a middle-class problem. This photo is very different from recent photos with trunks crumbling the curb about a couple of inches from the road and a couple of feet from garden walls.

The Observer also says the trees can reach 125ft with a girth of 7ft! But, I know, let’s leave this problem to our great grandchildren!

Travel round the areas outside of the city centre. Tree -ined roads, I counted almost 100 new plantings on Penistone Road among beautiful mature trees. The difference being they are on grass verges at the side of the road or in the centre of the carriageways. This is repeated, many, many times in our metropolitan areas. Even Parson Cross, which readers seem to put down regularly, has mature trees in grass verges. These are trees planted 50/70 years ago with thought of the future.

Last Saturday I walked from the bottom of the Moor through town to Snig Hill. It was good to see the work being carried out for the Retail Centre and the place was buzzing.

Trees waved in the breeze, looking very neat in their ‘grates’ allowing for growth and water. Everywhere greenery.

The Court House, not only new plantings but mature trees and flowers for the insects. Everywhere trees, all new projects, trees. So uplifting – a real feelgood factor.

Many campaigners seem to be making this a politcal issue, disgusting verbal abuse. Shame on you.

I’ll end with a moan as a ratepayer. I was so pleased when the CPS saved us some money by not prosecuting the campaigners (what has age got to do with it?).

They did go into the roped- off area, put there for their safety, and did delay work giving a knock on effect to work in other areas.

Imagine the dismay that we may now have, after all, to pay for legal action against the police.

Settling out of court is usually done to at least save some money.

I hope the lawyers waive their 30/40 per cent fee in support.

et them get on with it. Stop wasting our money to complain about the money you think Amey are using unwisely.

J Turner


The only way to get my vote

The only way Theresa May will get my vote is if she guarantee that she will cut the ludicrous foreign aid budget, along with the human rights law. The terrorist that carried out the Manchester bombing weren’t human so why should they have this privilege?

I think the wording of part of this law is a right to a family life.

What about the family that are left after this event, they no longer have the right to a family life?

Anyone connected to the terrorists should be deported as soon as possible, don’t give them time to regroup and organise another bombing.

So Theresa May it’s up to you.



Raise funds for Mind

The average bag of items donated to Mind’s Hillsborough shop is worth around £30. £30 that could support three people to take part in a group wellbeing session, or enable a pregnant woman to access support to help them successfully understand and manage their own perinatal mental health. But bags of stock are worth nothing if we don’t have volunteers willing to clean items, sort them, create brilliant displays and assist our customers.

Our shop relies on volunteers, which is why for this year’s Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7) we are telling volunteers ‘you make the difference’ and asking the local community ‘how can you make a difference?’ I am calling on readers to support Mind’s Hillsborough shop by giving just a couple of hours twice a week.

Volunteering at the Mind shop in Hillsborough is a great way to give something back to the local community and it also provides a chance to develop new skills or build work experience, and can even support you in obtaining an NVQ.

I urge readers to pop in and find out more about how they can support us to help secure a better life for the one in four people who experience a mental health problem every year.

Claire Cousins

The Mind shop, 25-27 Middleswood Road, Hillsborough, S6 4GW. www.mind.org.uk/charityshops

Losing confidence

I can see where articles on the public losing confidence in the police come from.

The PC that sees the public is fine, it’s getting to that point that’s difficult.

Emails are ignored and calling 101 gets you nowhere. Once you’ve been lucky and seen a PC further progress is blocked.

I’ve been having serious problems with someone I know for more than two years and the police won’t act.

Once the person I’m having problems with broke into my home. I saw him driving off, I phoned 999, the police couldn’t have cared less.

A week later, after dozens of calls and emails, the police made contact, saying nothing could be done, because of the lack of evidence, so the problems go on.

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