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Once again a certain section of the community is under the scrutiny and spotlight of the council.

You can dress this up any way you like but this is fraud and deception on a grand scale.

This has not just suddenly sprung up it has been going on for some time and now it’s escalated to immense proportions.

Can you imagine in your wildest dreams that 700 yes SEVEN HUNDRED cabs have been working in this manner in our city.

When you go to these lengths to hide your true identity to the Sheffield licencing authority then you can only imagine what some of the reasons these people have to hide.

It wants stopping immediately, these drivers aren’t black cabs, they are obviously registered to a taxi company and are hiring the radio.

These companies must know of this practice and the code of conduct.

The chap was right in the article, when ordering a taxi, state that you want a taxi registered in Sheffield, this could dent their scam until it is fully investigated, but as for anyone worrying about a taxi registered in Sheffield after a night on West Street-I doubt it

So the sooner this scam is dismantled the better


Sheffield S10