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I opened the Star on Thursday, August 18, to the headline “Cannabis find in leafy suburb”.

What I then read I can only describe as scandalous.

Scandalous because the police force had obviously thwarted a prolific cannabis farm discovering £65,000-worth, yes you read correctly, £65.000 worth of the drug, obviously a lot of time and effort has been put into securing this conviction and what does the Recorder do?

He gives the guilty man a 12-month suspended sentence because jailing him would bring his business venture to its knees.

The judge wants removing from office, what kind of message does this send out to others willing to chance their arm?

This is the second such suspended sentence given out at Sheffield Crown Court.

Not long ago an asylum seeker, not once but twice, fraudulently claimed benefits totalling well over a hundred thousand pounds and also received a suspended sentence.

When is this madness going to cease?


Sheffield, S10