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I feel compelled to reply to John Vintin’s tirade against AG’s letter complaining about fans standing at Wembley.

He doesn’t have to tell us that it is “the norm” to stand at away games. We know that, and that is precisely why my husband and I are no longer able to go to away to watch Wednesday, unless we pay for hospitality and a seat where people actually sit down!

We have supported Wednesday since 1940s, through thick and thin, good times and bad, and had season tickets for 35 years.

I remember sitting freezing to death amid a sea of empty seats when we were in the old Third Division.

We went to every round of the FA Cup in 1966, and all of them away, and at a time when travelling was much more difficult than it is now.

So we don’t need to be belittled by the likes of John Vintin, nor do we wish to be patronised by him, telling us to use the disabled areas.

We are not disabled, we are simply getting on a bit, and the back and knees are not what they used to be.

Standing for several hours can become very painful, as Mr Vintin will find out one day when he’s older. And when that day comes, and his back is aching and his knees are creaking and he is simply dying to sit down at a match, I hope he will remember the letter he once wrote to The Star and smile to himself.

Finally, my suggestion would be to keep the first two to three rows at Wembley and away matches for those who wish to sit down, and everyone else can stand up behind and not in front of us.

All of us would be happy then, old codgers who need to sit down and children at the front, and the rest of our brilliant supporters behind – after all, WAWAW!

Wise Old Owl Member

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