Stand up in need of a sit down...

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GOOD luck to Hope Valley comedian and bloke off the telly Rob Rouse who this weekend is walking 100km around the Yorkshire Dales. Non stop.

The Diary reported on his training regime back in March, and he says he’s now fully prepared for the Oxfam challenge - “or as prepared as I’ll ever be”.

He’s then got a stand up show at Sheffield City Hall on Tuesday.

“Well, I say stand up,” he says. “Chances are after 100km, it’ll probably be sit down.”

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COULDN’T agree more with steel magnate Andrew Cook speaking in The Star yesterday.

The William Cook chairman reckons destroying Sheffield City Airport “would be unforgivable”, and he’s bang on.

Everyone surely knew it was never going to make vast amounts of money as a business and anyone who thought it would compete for holiday business against Manchester or Leeds-Bradford wasn’t being realistic.

But surely a municipal airport has value beyond making a few private shareholders rich.

As Mr Cook says, “its justification is as a major civic facility and gateway for business traffic”.

If Sheffield is serious about becoming/remaining a globally connected and economically vibrant city, abolishing the airport surely isn’t the way forward.

GETTING off my soapbox, then, and on to a quality tale from Gloucester Crown Court where Judge Jamie Tabor heard a defendant was wanted for breaking into a KFC restaurant.

“Not for the food I hope,” was his response.

Superb, M’lud.