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Rustlings Road Tree felling
Rustlings Road Tree felling
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To Sheffield Council and Amey, I have just read about the tree felling that is going on in Sheffield in the middle of the night. This is an absolute travesty. I do not live in Sheffield, but the news has spread far and beyond – even abroad – and people are truly appalled.

What kind of council allows this to happen?

What kind of council colludes with the felling of perfectly healthy trees?

What kind of council colludes with the felling of trees in the middle of the night, with bright super trouper lights on, waking up whole neighbourhoods? Have you no sense of consideration?

What kind of council allows for the arrest of pensioners who are only trying to do the right thing? Have we become a police state? The mind boggles.

As for you, Amey, your reputation has been tarnished for ever, for this is going to spread around the world – both the tree felling and the horrible white, blue-rich street lighting that you are inflicting upon residents, upsetting human and wildlife circadian rhythms and worsening sky glow. Mark my words.

Sheffield Council, I recommend that you stop this madness with immediate effect.

As yet, we live in a democracy and residents and wildlife deserve your protection. THAT is your responsibility.

Tanja Katarina Rebel

Isle of Wight