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Some time ago I suggested that instead of building 500 houses on a valuable farmland on greenbelt land, why not build one or two houses next to the road alongside houses out of our towns and villages.

There are millions of such building plots in this country, even with the consideration of tree removal or ancient hedgerows plus the advantage that the services such as sewerage and water are already there.

If you do not think this works then next time you drive out of a city into the countryside look at the gaps between houses that houses could be built on and you will be amazed.

Villages have always grown this way and not affected farmland .



Proposed new school

The proposed new school build on the now demolished Bannerdale Centre, (Abbeydale Grange School Grounds Carterknowle Road), did in the 1970s have methane gas coming up from out of the ground.

The smell was terrible and you could smell it even inside the gym and outside changing rooms which were facing the fields.

The building itself had major problems because the brickwork had no ties to hold them together and so cracks started to appear in the brickwork and some brickwork above and below collapsed around the building.

I was a health and safety rep at the time. According to this map the land used to belong to the Holt House Estate and this small map shows the land in 1823 a long time before it became a landfill.

I worked on the school for 38 years and retired in 2010.

S Day

Retired site manager

What’s in a name?

So all the recent talk about Sheffield needing to have its own identity – being individual – is just that – talk.

But it’s gratifying to see previous thoughts becoming reality.

As the bottom of West Street is now set to become even more of a ‘canyon’ with the demolition of Mayfield Court – a recent addition to what was the goverment estate at one time.

Sustainable development? In addition to the loss of the West St Alehouse – we are going lose another part of Holly Lane, a thoroughfare whose route and name go back centuries.

What about the apparently underachieving licensed premises on the other side of the road? How come the Centre for Full Employment hasn’t been gobbled up? Meanwhile, a sixth 24-hour booze store has got the go-ahead.

Still what’s in a name? How about Legoland?

Ron Clayton


Still no exception

I see that the BBC’s question time is still trying to favour the remoaners.

Every week there is a question about Brexit and every week the panel consists of four who voted to remain and one who voted to leave. Last week was no exception.

J Bunting


The lettuce crisis

There doesn’t appear to have been so much fuss made about icebergs since the Titanic.

Jeremy Biggin

Upperthorpe, Sheffield

Protesting on my behalf

I am so grateful to Gary Lineker and Lily Allen for protesting against Donald Trump on my behalf as apparently it seems they know what is best for people in our country and the USA.

It appears that not content with opposing Brexit they fancy meddling once again in political matters in spite of knowing damn all about the complexities of issues that affect the security of the Western world. I think perhaps Lily and Gary should stick to their day jobs.

I cannot recall having heard them announce how many refugees they will be welcoming into their own homes?

Might I suggest that when there is another vile act of terrorism that shatters people’s lives they are both recruited in the aftermath of the next bombing atrocity to help the emergency services collect the remains of victims and after placing them into body bags be delegated the awful task of informing their next of kin.

They could then explain to the grieving relatives why they think limitless numbers of refugees should be allowed to enter the USA or Great Britain without stringent security checks, the absence of which allows any potential terrorist to escape the radar and seize the opportunity of creating carnage.

We only have to look at the chaos and unrest in Germany since Angela Merkel foisted her open-door policy on her country’s citizens which has exposed them to a greater risk of terrorist attacks.

Do we want to see the same thing happen in our country or the United States?

Donald Trump may be uncouth and not the most ideal person for President but I do believe the man is acting in good faith in the best interests of his country by trying to prevent another 9/11.

If this means some inconvenience by holding up travellers at airports or not allowing people into America before rigorous security checks are completed then surely it is worth it if it saves lives in the long run.

I am sure President Trump’s actions are not intended as a deliberate attack on Muslims or their religion but it must be remembered that all recent barbaric acts of terrorism have been carried out by the Muslim extremists of IS.

Surely it is sensible to support anyone who has policies which may save the lives of innocent people, so to call off Trump’s state visit would not only be most unwise for a democratically elected world leader but would harm our relationship with the US and could adversely affect any future trade deals.

The Queen throughout the years has played host at Buckingham Palace to far worse people than Donald Trump including dictators, tyrants and despots and has also feted Saudi Arabian royalty regardless of their appalling Human Rights record, but as the most experienced stateswoman in the world she is more than able to deal with them all.

To all those Trump protesters I would remind them that among the genuine refugees there will be many who support IS and don’t want to co-exist peacefully with anyone as their only aim is world domination which all democratic nations must stop with whatever means necessary.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Walking back with Buddy

I went with two pals to see Buddy Holly in Sheffield. The next day we went to see him in Doncaster.

He was fantastic both times, but after the show in Doncaster, there were no buses. We went to Doncaster Station which was locked up, so we walked to Canklow.

It wasn’t hard because we sang Buddy Holly songs all the way.

Brian Kelk